Wilian's Christmas Letter

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Mt. Horeb church in Tres Reyes with Cesar and Felipe
Jesus is our Shepard church in Tres Reyes

Wilian's Christmas Letter

With thankfulness for all the YPM Family

Christmas is not just a birth, it is God coming to live with us, something we could never have done for ourselves

We are standing on the brink of a new year, and the experience of these last two years is still vivid in our memories. We still can hardly believe what we lived through, and if God had not intervened we would still be prisoners of fear and trembling because of the global pandemic. But God in His mercy did intervene and so for this coming year of 2023 things will be better. We are a privileged generation, conscious of our own frailty, and Christmas reminds us of God’s intervention in our darkness, to bring us light and to give us life.

With gratitude to God and to each one of you for sustaining us with your prayers, our wish is that God will intervene in your lives, families and cities and towns, and illuminate your hearts. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year 2023.

More than ever, we continue to serve,
The Cen Family