Wilian's Christmas Letter

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Mt. Horeb church in Tres Reyes with Cesar and Felipe
Jesus is our Shepard church in Tres Reyes

Sad News...

It is with heavy hearts that we let you know about the passing of our dear friend and sister Mari.
If you’ve been on a mission trip with YPM, you’ve met Mari. She, along with her mother Tere, have been the cooks at the YPM base for many years. Mari was always quick to help, enjoyed joining in the morning skits, knew and adored all the children in Leona Vicario, and loved to sing.

Mari passed away Monday night from a heart attack. She will be greatly missed. Please keep Tere and the rest of Mari’s family in your prayers.

We've set up a memorial fund to help with funeral and burial expenses. If you would like to contribute, please designate your online gift to the “Family Welfare Fund.”