School Projects

Funding a preparatory school in the Maya Zone of the state of Quintana Roo will allow Maya families to motivate their children to continue their education. YPM A.C. Mexico hopes to offer educational opportunities to Maya youth who at the moment cannot advance in school for lack of available spaces. These young people can be a generation with better work opportunities and better social and economic position if we only believe in them and give them the opportunities that they do not have today. The need is real, and it is in our hands to be part of the solution.

Learn more about the Justification for the creation of a secondary school.

The YPM Institute, the college online portion, is open for business and registration is open for education, administration and law degrees.

The regulatory process has slowed the licensing of the preparatory school, so we have entered an exciting agreement with Mexico based Abraham Kuyper University to offer online college courses. We are a pilot program for the University and we have employed a group of educators to develop the online curriculum and administer the program. We plan to offer on-site classroom study for the University as well, taught by our professors. The online courses have admitted their first students the fall of 2016. The tuition received will help to advance the construction of the school and accelerate our progress toward opening our preparatory school. This milestone will enrich the community by bringing employment and educated citizens to Leona Vicario