Wilian's Christmas Letter

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  • Confidential Medical Release

    This form, or a similar one of your design, should be completed by each mission trip participant. Bring the forms with you on the trip so that you will have this information on-hand if a participant should require medical attention during the trip.

  • Mission Trip Application

    Use this form, or another one of your own design, to collect necessary information from those who feel called to participate in your mission trip.

  • First Aid Kit

    This is a list of recommended items for your team to bring with you in a first aid kit. Medications not used by your team that will expire before your next trip may be left with YPM and will be shared with those in the community who are in need.

  • Goods Donation

    Print this letter on your organization's official letterhead, and have it signed and witnessed by your organization's leadership. Place a copy of this letter INSIDE each piece of luggage containing ANY donated goods or mission trip supplies (extra gloves, soap and hand sanitizer, VBS supplies, etc.). Each trip participant should also carry a copy of the letter in their carry-on bag in the event that the letter cannot be easily located within the luggage. In rare instances, customs officials have asked for this documentation when a bag has been selected for search. Without this letter, goods may be confiscated by customs officials, or you could be required to pay customs tax on the estimated value of the goods.

  • OTC Authorization

    This form allows parents of minor children to designate which over-the-counter medications their child may be administered during the trip.

  • Team Leadership Roles

    We have found that teams work best when each person is given a responsibility that fits their gifts and skills. This is a list of leadership roles important to any successful YPM mission trip.

  • Parent/Guardian Authorization Form

    This form must be printed on your organization's letterhead and signed by all parents/legal guardians of youth under age 18. It must be notarized. The team leader should carry this form in a carry-on bag and should monitor all minors going through immigration. The form may be required to provide proof that you have legal permission to take the student out of the country. This form is necessary even if one parent/guardian is on the trip and another is not. If all legal guardians are on the trip, this form will not be necessary.

  • Parent/Guardian Consent Form

    This form should be printed on your organization's letterhead and signed by all parents/legal guardians of youth under age 18. It allows parents/guardians to provide additional information to trip leaders to ensure the safety and well-being of youth participants, and it gives permission for the youth to participate in the mission trip generally.

  • Release in Full of All Claims

    This form must be printed on your organization's official letterhead and signed by each participant over the age of 18. Parents/guardians of minors should complete this form on behalf of their children. The form must be notarized. This form should be left in the US during the trip, along with copies of the front page of each participant's passport.

  • Packing List

    This list has served groups well over the years. However, you may have your own additions or preferences.

*You may request copies of the documents in Microsoft Word format by sending a request to info@ypmusa.org.