Plains and Peaks Presbytery Mission Trip 2024

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Thank you for housing us and feeding us all week. It was an eye-opening experience. Thank you so much.

Lizzy (Fort Morgan, Colorado)

This was my first time to do YPM and out of the country. During my trip I have learned so much and I grew to be a better person. My favorite part of YPM was learning about how unique and special the university and high school are. Growing up in the US, I’ve always had opportunities in school and getting to see and understand how it works at YPM was truly amazing!


I am a different person because of YPM. I have left some of me here in Leona Vicario and I will take some of Leona Vicario home to Colorado with me.


This was an amazing opportunity for us! Your vision is such a great plan for your community! I didn’t want to leave! We came here to bless this community but we left so blessed! The food was incredible and everything you took us to – the cenotes, the Mayan ruins, everything was amazing! Gracias!


Thanks to Wilian and Erly for a fun time. They are such a blessing to so many people! I will also remember what I learned here!


I didn’t want to leave!! Everything we did, I learned something.

Sonja (San Antonio, Texas)

I feel so very blessed to have been able to work with these beautiful people and cannot wait to return!

We are grateful for our hosts, Mama and her wonderful cooking. We are blessed by those who have proceeded us, building a "home" here in the Yucatan Peninsula. What a joy to see so many Presbyterian churches sprouting in the surrounding communities. We worshipped on Sunday at a church near (in?) Nuevo Durango. Pastor Cen preached on Luke 5:17-26 and I John 4:7, 8. His message impacted us all in different ways, speaking to each of us personally.

Thank you so much! It was an honor to serve alongside y'all! We enjoyed our time together and are so thankful for this partnership. We can't wait to see what the Lord does in this community.

Each year we are renewed spiritually & emotionally as we serve next to our Mayan brothers & sisters in Christ. We go home more blessed than we gave.

To God Be the Glory!

Gary Chelvis

Thank you very much for YPM - Mexico's leadership and hospitality in helping us do our bit in bringing the new school online. Projects like this allowed our team to directly participate in God's work. It was a privilege to serve here.

Matt Lightfoot (Grace Presbyterian Church)

As this was my first mission trip to YPM, I was so amazed of the work being performed here. Blessed for being able to participate in their vision for the Mayan children's education and their future. Also blessed in creation of new fellowships & friendships.

I had a good time on this trip because it allowed me to experience the lifestyle of a people who live thousands of miles away from my home. I was given the opportunity to serve a community I had never met before and hopefully make a difference in their lives.

Eddie J.

During this intensive work week, I was blessed with incredible food, amazing hosts and housing, and a community that kindled our God-given gifts. Thank you YPM for everything you do.

Carly Bartes

YPM truly provides an all around great experience. This was my 3rd trip & it gets better every year. Staying at YPM is authentic. It allows you the opportunity to explore local villages, enjoy delicious homemade meals by locals, & work side by side with others in the community. My favorite part of this trip is sleeping in hammocks! This small detail truly enhances the experience of living like a local for the week. I highly recommend this trip to those working to deepen their faith, volunteer in a one of a kind way, or simply searching for a new adventure.

Derek D

My Mission Trip to YPM was a great experience. It was very satisfying to be part of a team that was working hard to build a place for the local population to learn. I had great fellowship with our team and the food was great, too.


This trip is always an incredible experience for me, but I'd have to say this year was one of the best. We had a great group of people both in size and personality. Everyone got along well and worked well together making a fantastic team. We got a lot done on the worksite as well as having a lot of fun in our free time. As tired as we were, everyone was super excited and supportive in every aspect of the trip. From encouraging people to stay motivated in the hot sun, to making sure we were all having fun and being safe while going to the senoté (an underground rock formed fresh water oasis) and on Isla Mujheres. This is a life changing experience that I would recommend trying out at least once.


I had a great experience on my YPM mission trip. The things I liked the most were the food, which was absolutely amazing, and the work, which was challenging, but still fun. I hope to go again next year and experience more great things on the YPM trip

Jane (Peoria, IL)

YPM dreams big but does not get ahead of God. YPM has displayed patience and perseverance to accomplish building relationships, sharing the gospel and building churches and a new university.

I believe our father in heaven works and speaks through Wilian and Erly Cen and their team of YPM missionaries. They lovingly carry Christ into the lives of the Mayan people. To be a small part of this ministry leaves your heart full and forever changed.

Mary (Morton, IL)

Working with YPM every year is less about going on a mission trip and more about going to be with a great big family I love.

Doug (Peoria, IL)

I remember the first time I went, I wasn't in a very good place in my life. Things were difficult. But it is amazing how God can begin to heal your soul when you say "Yes" to helping others. I am so glad I went.

Kim (Peoria, IL)

A few outstanding moments in my Mexico Mission experiences:

It was a huge blessing to share my first week of service in the Yucatan with my son, age 18 at the time. It was pure joy to see him pour himself into the physical labor as well as the games of tag, basketball and piggy back rides he offered to the local children. It was very humbling to see one of his donated tee shirts being worn by Willian the next year.

So grateful to the Lord for my conversation with Fastino, a man who the Lord delivered from being "the town drunk" to a sober and joyful man of God, leading worship music at his church, together with his son. He is so grateful for the healing that has taken place in his family.

Amazing to see one of our church members, who hadn’t spoken Spanish since high school, explain the parables of Jesus IN SPANISH to the children of the village. Remarkable!!

Chris (Morton, IL)

My experience with YPM is one of developing relationships and renewing those precious relationships with our Mayan brothers and sisters during return visits. We are now family sharing God's love with one another. For me, it is all about people and not about the work completed during my visits.

Luke (Mossville, IL)

I went on my YPM mission hoping to build churches and schools. While we did that, the friendships and community that YPM nurtures are beyond anything that I could have imagined. This is a great organization serving great people.