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YPM Institute



In 2007, the work to clear the property for a school began. The vision was to provide a high school for the region, but over the years that vision has developed and expanded. In August 2017, Instituto YPM ( opened, a university offering degrees in business administration, education, and law. Click to see more about the YPM Institute.  In 2021 the original vision of providing a high school for the region was realized with the first classes starting during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The campus continues to grow with the following update:

  • Current Campus
    • The Administration Building with offices, computer lab, library, meeting room and restrooms
    • Classroom Building 1: a two-story building with 6 classrooms
  • Under Construction
    • Classroom building 2: planned three floors with 10 classrooms and restrooms on the first and third levels. The first level is substantially complete and the columns for the second level are complete. Construction will continue as funding becomes available.
    • The playing floor for a gymnasium has been poured and has been used for playing basketball. It is planned to have bleacher seating, locker rooms, workout space and meeting rooms.
    • The remaining open space on the property will be graded and prepared for a soccer field.
  • Future Plans
    • The property across the street from the campus has been purchased. Long range plans are to develop it with housing for students, faculty and staff.
    • YPM also has 10 hectares that were purchased when the original campus property was bought. It is a dream to someday offer a tourist destination there. It would provide jobs for people in the community as well as students.
  • 2024 by the numbers:
    • The university now offers 8 bachelor degrees and 2 master degrees.
    • There are 47 students enrolled in the high school and 145 enrolled in the university.
    • To date 77 students have graduated from IYPM.