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YPM has been promoting positive change in the Yucatan since the 1960’s, when Cancun was a small fishing village of about 200 people. We began with building churches there, and as the population of Cancun increased, YPM began to focus on the Zona Maya, the villages of the peninsula interior, strengthening and building churches in that region. In 2004, YPM established a base for our mission work in the Zona Maya, in the village of Leona Vicario. Some property and a small house were purchased, and the house has now grown and expanded into welcoming and comfortable accommodations for our mission teams. See more about the YPM base.

In 2007, the work to clear the property for a school began. The vision was to provide a high school for the region, but over the years that vision has developed and expanded. In August 2017, Instituto YPM (https://www.iypm.edu.mx/) opened, a university offering degrees in business administration, education, and law. The campus continues to expand, and when it is complete, the high school will be incorporated along with other community offerings. See more about the YPM Institute.