2024 Board of Directors Retreat

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Mt. Horeb church in Tres Reyes with Cesar and Felipe
Jesus is our Shepard church in Tres Reyes

2024 Board of Directors Retreat

The YPM USA Board of Directors held their annual on-site board meeting in Leona Vicario earlier this year.  In attendance were Jim Witmer, Reverend Mark Hughey, Reverend Mike Gross, Kathy Markgraf, Cynthia Robinson and Leslie Barrett. As usual, Wilian and Erly were amazing hosts and we enjoyed our time at the base. The new kitchen chefs prepared delicious traditional Yucatecan dishes like Sopa de Lima, Chilaquiles as well as fresh bread and tortillas…we did not leave hungry! Over the course of 3 days, we met with the YPM Mexico Board of Directors, Wilian, Erly and Ricardo, as well as heard detailed presentations from YPM’s attorney Rene, accountant Clara, and Instituto YPM’s administrator and attorney Eva. The team from the water plant, Fabiola and David, also shared a presentation with us. 

Each presenter explained how YPM, IYPM, and Ch’e’en Ja’ water plant are all operating in accordance with the Mexican governmental laws, regulations and requirements. They shared multiple slides, notebooks, forms, and certificates showing how stringent the regulations and laws are and how seriously they pay attention to deadlines and requirements. The team answered questions from the board members for more clarification and understanding. Without these professionals and their dedication to YPM, the organization could not exist, which ultimately would hurt many people who are being served by YPM. Wilian also shared future plans about the school and projects for area churches.

The Board also had the privilege of meeting with several of the faculty and staff at IYPM as well as participating in a large gathering of the students. Director Ricardo spoke to the students about who the Board is and what we do, and how donations and mission trips from US teams and churches benefit each one of them, resulting in a better life for their families and communities. Many of the students expressed gratitude for the mission of YPM and everyone involved.

The YPM USA Board meets monthly via Zoom meetings, but we always look forward to this annual meeting in Leona, where we not only get to see each other face to face, but also have the opportunity to see, first hand, how the mission and dreams of YPM are coming to life - changing lives, families, and communities.

Thank you for your ongoing support!