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Mt. Horeb church in Tres Reyes with Cesar and Felipe
Jesus is our Shepard church in Tres Reyes

2023 Year End Letter from YPM USA Board President

Picture of Wilian and Jim on 2023 NPC Mission TripGreetings from the YPM USA board president. This photo is one of my favorites from Northminster Presbyterian Church’s 2023 January mission trip.  Pastor Wilian and I were taking a “short” break from the work project. 2023 has been an eventful year for our YPM family: We hosted four week-long mission trips with three groups from Illinois and one group from Texas. The projects for all the groups took place at the Instituto YPM (IYPM) campus. The east wall enclosing the entire campus was completed along with the installation of a gate which will allow vehicles to park near the planned athletic facility.  Work also continued on the second classroom building erecting concrete columns on the second floor. Local artisans continued to work on the completing the first floor of the classrooms in second building. The work remaining for the second classroom building includes doors, flooring, electric service, and the restrooms. This work will be completed as funding is available. The primary project for 2024 will be working with the congregation in Kilometro Ochenta to build their permanent building. They have been meeting outdoors for several years.

The IYPM campus in Leona Vicario continues to thrive with more students graduating and enrolling every year. This year we had our third graduation ceremony at the IYPM campus with the President of Puerto Morelos as the keynote speaker.

Pastor Wilian has had a busy year.  His mother passed away after a lengthy illness, and the family was able to spend time with her in her last days.  Erly’s father had a stroke and has been enjoying much attention from his family during his recovery.  He is back preaching at churches when and where needed.  Andre is in his second year at the YPM high school, so the family has moved full time to Leona Vicario. Willie is interning at a hospital in Cancun. A new project that Wilian is starting is an online course in Theology for church leaders in the area villages. He has 10 churches with 10 people who will start classes in January 2024. The hope behind this project is to educate church leaders and teachers. The goal is to identify at least one person per congregation that could be trained and educated to become a pastor. Wilian has met with the Mexican Presbyterian General Assembly and is pursuing adapting this training across Mexico. Pastor Wilian and Erly were able to visit the Plains and Peaks Presbytery (Colorado) in October, where Wilian preached at the Presbytery meeting and at two church services, as well as meeting with several other groups.

YPM USA lost one of our major financial supporters this year. During this season of giving, I ask you consider giving to YPM this year and help further the mission in the Yucatan. The YPM Mexico and USA boards will be meeting together in February 2024 in Leona Vicario for our annual meeting.  We will be setting priorities for the many upcoming projects.

Please keep YPM, Wilian and Erly and all the YPM families in your prayers. Let us all remember that Jesus is the reason for the Season.

Please visit the YPM USA website at the link YPM USA to donate by credit card or find the address to mail donations.  While you’re there please take some time cruising the website.

Merry Christmas,
Jim Wittmer