Letter from Brody Kasprzak – Volunteer at YPM

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Mt. Horeb church in Tres Reyes with Cesar and Felipe
Jesus is our Shepard church in Tres Reyes

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year YPM Family!

Image of studentsIn this season of celebration and togetherness, I want to share reasons that we are thankful to God and to you for your trust in our cause. Your goodwill motivates and drives us to continue to work hard for the well-being of those we serve. This past August we graduated 37 students from YPM University and 4 from high school. These results are amazing! And thanks to YPM's educational projects, today, these young men and women will have a better opportunity for personal, family and community life.

Our family, Erly, Willy, Andre and I, celebrates with and wishes you and your family the great joy that our Lord and Savior gives us in the person of his son Jesus, who is the motivation for celebrating these holidays.

Looking to the future, our plans include building sports/athletic areas, educational halls and other services that will complement our facilities and services to the people and students of the area. We believe that this educational project is very important in Mexico.

Thank you so much to each of you for continuing to support us with your prayers and resources. Our desire is that God will bless your life, family and enlighten your heart with the light of the Gospel.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024!

In his love and service,
Wilian, Erly, Willie and Andre